The Messenger


TITLE:  The Messenger

AUTHOR: Siri Mitchell

GENRE: Historic Fiction

SETTING(S) : January 1778, Philadelphia, PA

SUBJECT: First Love, Friendship, American Revolution, Spies & Family

Hannah Sunderland, Jeremiah Jones, Major John Lindley, Polly Pennington and Doll

SUMMARY: It is the winter of 1778 and the British army is occupying the city of Philadelphia while General George Washington’s army encamps in the forest and at Valley Forge.  The British have taken many of the homes of Quaker citizens and one being Hannah Sunderland’s childhood home.  Her family moves to Pennington House whose occupants are loyal to the British crown.  Hannah learns that her brother has been taken to the Walnut Street jail as a prisoner of war.  Her family disapproves her brother’s decision to join the army and the faith prohibits them to visit him.

Hannah decides to visit her brother and give him the supplies he will need to survive.  While on this path she will make a lot of difficult choices and many that will conflict with her Quaker faith.  Will she decide to do what she is expected to do as a Quaker or make her own decisions according to what her heart tells her to do?

– – – – – – – – – – –


I love reading nonfiction and historic fiction stories on the American Revolution.  As a young girl my family and I took many of our family trips to Colonial Williamsburg.  As a child I did not really appreciated the history but as I became a young adult I began to enjoy all the places that impacted American history.  Some include Williamsburg, Philadelphia and Gettysburg.

Mitchell’s descriptions of 18th Century Philadelphia takes her readers to a very different time and place in American history.  The characters in the book are as real as real people who lived during that time if only they did not come from the author’s own imagination.  The book is over 400 pages long but the plot itself will keep you reading until you find out the fate of Hannah Sunderland and Jeremiah Jones.  The friendship and the love story between the two main characters will also keep you on the edge and wanting to read more.