Henry Tilney’s Diary


TITLE:  Henry Tilney’s Diary

AUTHOR: Amanda Grange

GENRE: Historic, Romance Fiction

SETTING(S) : 19th Century AD, England, Europe.

SUBJECT: First Love, Heart Ache, Friendship, Mystery, Social Classes and Family

General Tilney, Henry Tilney, Eleanor Tilney, Frederick Tilney, Thomas Morris, Catherine Morland, James Morland, Isabella Thorpe, Mr and Mrs. Allen.

SUMMARY: Frederick, Henry  & Eleanor Tilney have grown up in Northanger Abbey a wealthy English estate of the 19th Century.  Henry & Eleanor are as close as a brother and sister should be and love reading gothic novels together.  While attempting to read one such novel their mother dies and with it the interest to read such novels.  Many years past and all three of the General’s children have not found wealthy partners to marry.

After spending a long summer season in the country  with no success; General Tilney decides to take his family to Bath.  While in Bath Henry & Eleanor Tilney befriend Catherine Morland.  Catherine is invited to their country estate “Northanger Abbey” to be Eleanor’s companion and be a possible match for Henry.  Will the three Tilney children ever find lover or forever be disappointed in the romantic idea of love.

– – – – – – – – – – –


I’ve haven’t read the original novel “Northanger Abbey” by Jane Austen but have seen several movie adaptations of the novel.  With this in mind I thought that this adaptation of the original Jane Austen novel was written very well.  The book itself was very easy and great to read.  
The plot used many of the original elements and discussed the family and social life of 19th century men and women.  The book also portrayed well the perspective of a young man who did not have the luxury of being the heir and oldest son of the family.  What life and career choices the youngest son had and the importance of unimportance of his choice when choosing a life partner.