The Healers Apprentice


TITLE:  The Healer’s Apprentice

AUTHOR: Melanie Dickerson

GENRE: Young Christian Romance Fiction

SETTING(S) : Medieval England at Hagenheim Castle, England.

SUBJECT: First Love, Betrayal, Heart Ache, Friendship, Faith, Joy and Chivalry

Rose, Hildy , Frau Geruscha, Wilhelm Earl of Hamlin, Lord Rupert,  Lady Osanna, Lady Anne, Moncore and Gunther Schoff.

SUMMARY: Rose is a woodcutters daughter who has just been chosen by Frau Geruscha the local healer to become her apprentice.  Rose is thrilled to be living near the castle. But she finds that being a healer’s apprentice brings its own challenges and wonders if she will ever become a good healer.  Thanks to the healer’s confidence in her she is able to face blood, broken bones and death.   One day she finds herself facing it on her own when one of the Duke’s sons Wilhelm comes in with a serious cut.  That moment changes her life forever.

This is perhaps one of many life changing events that effects the outcome of Rose’s life.  Unknowingly her mother introduces her to a man who wishes her to become his wife but this man proves to be someone who wishes to do her more harm then good.  Even as life continues to throw her trouble she learns to protect her heart, strengthen her faith and finds the courage to do the right thing.

Will she discover her true life path and become a good healer? or Will she find her true love but only to find that she loses it in end?

– – – – – – – – – – –


I could not put this book down.  Like other readers I found by the time I got to the middle of the Novel I could predict what was going to happen in the end.  This may disappoint some readers but I continue to read it to see if my guess was correct.  There were several sections of the book where the plot could have ended instead of continuing.  The continuing of the plot did not ruin the novel or felt like just written words to fill up the pages.

After reading the book I decided to read others comments.  Most people love it. There were about 10% who did not.  Several of them who did not like it felt it was not well labeled.  The reason included it being a christian novel, that it was the Author’s First Novel, not enough historic influence, to predictable and that the characters were not well-developed.

As for it not being historical accurate.  I completely agree and understand their point for it to be a historic fiction more research needed to go into it.  Especially if you want to put elements to give the novel a feeling of being placed in Medieval times.  I do agree that it had too much modern influence and that if the ideas of the time was considered the plot might have gone another way.

In regards to the characters and the novels christian beliefs.  I disagree that the characters were wimpy; did they need some more personality or characteristics I agree.  One readers comment stated that God only helps those who help themselves and thought that the characters waited for him to help them.  I did not feel like that at all.  As the plot became more difficult the characters started calling out his name or prayed for him to guide them & give them inner strength.  The Novel’s hopes is to educate the reader to have more faith in God and only through God you can achieve anything.