World of Pinterest


The wonderful world of Pinterest can be very very addictive, challenging, eye opening & exciting; it all depends on how you use it.  For the past eight months I’ve taken a journey with two other women &  co-founded the Southern Maryland Costumers.  The three of us have very different goals & objects for the group in general.  But I think all of us can agree that costuming can be very overwhelming, expensive, confusing, irritating and fun all at the same time.

The overwhelming part of creating your own costuming guild or organization is getting started on the actual sewing part of it because your focus in the beginning is just starting the group.  The biggest challenge for our group has been the focus of learning about historic clothing & gaining good resources.  Historic clothing requires large amount of research & time finding fabrics & colors that would have been used in the past.  It has also been very difficult finding replicas or examples of various time periods.  Especially if you have an interest in Renaissance, Tudor & Elizabethan clothing.

I was first introduced to Pinterest during one of our monthly meetings but never really looked over the website.  That is until last week when I finally received a link to an account that was used by one of our co-founder’s coworkers.  This account was being used to document historic/period clothing.   Which was a very helpful & great resource when I finally set up an account.  The irritating part of this particular account is that she inventoried the information according to item “Dresses, Children’s Clothing & etc” rather then time period.  The great thing about her account is that she did note what time the clothing was creating so it did not take too long to create the “boards” I wanted the clothing to appear in.  This is not the only way Pinterest is being used, but one of the many ways you can use it.

Many Pinterest users; use it to organize current projects, inspiration & other resources to incorporate into their daily lives.  Pinterest has been a great resource for the SoMD Costumers in finding examples of period/historic clothing and connecting with people with various interest.  If you are seeking information, inspiration & ideas for projects; Pinterest will help you in finding everything & all you seek.

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