My Jane Austen Summer


February’s reading list has been completed.  I will take a week off of reading to do other items off my list.  I found reading five books each month is the maximum books I can read each month.  If you figure reading 1 book per week of the month.  Over the weekend I choose another group of five books to read, none involving Jane Austen.  They will be historic drama or historic fiction.  I hope to find some sci-fiction to read in the month of April.

TITLE: My Jane Austen Summer; A season in Mansfield Park.

AUTHOR: Cindy Jones

SUMMARY: Lily is a 26 yr old Jane Austen enthusiast who recently lost her focus & purpose in life.  First she looses her job and then her boyfriend Martin decides to break up with her due to being too “needy”.   She decides to participate in the annual Literature Live festival in England where she tries to start a whole new life and forget her trouble back in Texas.  While in England she makes a few friends that help her find a role in Literature Live & talk about her most recent lost of her mother. She will entangle her father’s secrets & other secrets during this summer’s journey.  Will she be able to reestablish her life in England & forget her troubles back home in Texas or will she continue to follow the same path & make wrong decisions?

Lily (main character) Karen (Lily’s sister), Omar (University Professor), Willis Somerford,(Attic Buddy),  Sixby (Actor), Vera (Co-founder of the Literature Live) and Bets (Lily’s troubled roommate).

GENRE: Fiction

SETTING(S) : 21st Century AD, England, Europe

SUBJECT : Janeites, Social class, Modern Women, Jane Austen & Literature.

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I can say that I loved the way Cindy Jones wrote, but their was a little too much sex for my taste.  I don’t recommend this book to anyone younger then 21 yrs of age, due to it’s adult content.  The book portrayed a modern intake on “Mansfield Park” but also had some other elements that would have been found in other Jane Austen novels.  Lily being a modern women deals with the many conflict women of her age deal with.  Finding herself and not allowing herself being an object for men’s lust.  Lucky for Lily she realizes the role she has been playing and learns to say “No” in the end.

The ending still did not answer one of the main questions I had in concern for Lily which is “does she ever find love & does she reconnect with the one love back in England?”. Yes she finds a purpose in life at the end of the story but she still ends up being a very lonely 27 yr old after a year has been passed after working at Literature Live.  It is a sad ending to a story where the main character has a troubled family life and has had problems finding love.

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