The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet

After spending two months reading books relating to Jane Austen, I feel that if I spend another month reading these kind of books I’m going to go mad.  In fact I feel like I’m about to go mad.  Just one more book, keep thinking just one more book.  Any ways…  This week’s objective is to find a new theme.  Perhaps Sci-Fiction, Mystery, Historical or maybe Horror.    The question is not what to read but what books I would like to read & what theme they would all belong to?  I am on the final book of this theme and I’m done with Jane Austen for the time being.

TITLE: The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet

AUTHOR: Colleen McCullough

SUMMARY: Upon her sister’s marriages Mary was left with the full responsibility to entertain & be a loving companion to her mother Miss Bennet.  After twenty years apart from her sisters, whom have had very different and separate lives her mother tragically dies.  She is then reunited with her sisters, but for only a short time.  Her eldest sisters expect her to live her life as a respectful spinster.  But instead she decides to live her own life the way she wants.  She decides to travel  the poor cities of 19th Century England and walk in the footsteps of her favorite journalist Argus.  The journey could have ended so differently if she had not sent her favorite nephew a detailed letter of her plans.  The journey begins with very little to no interruptions, but ends with more excitement, adventure, drama and enlightenment then what Mary had expected or planned.

Mary Bennet (sister of Elizabeth and Jane), Angus Sinclair ( journalist), Elizabeth Darcy (sister of Mary and Jane), Fitzwilliam Darcy (spouse of Elizabeth), Jane Bingley (sister of Mary and Elizabeth),  Charles Bingley (spouse of Jane) and Charlie Darcy (eldest son of Elizabeth Darcy).

GENRE: Historic Fiction

SETTING(S) : 19th Century AD, England, Europe

SUBJECT : Marriage, Social class, Feminism, Poverty, Infidelity, Journalism, Family life, Women

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At first I was not quite sure if I was going to like this book and did not know what to expect, since the book started relatively slowly.  Right in the middle of the book it began to pick up.  If you don’t have a lot of patience and want to read books that go relatively fast from the beginning then this books isn’t right for you.  But if you have some patience then I think you’re going to like this book. It’s a good book for people who need a new perspective in their life.

It was enjoyable to read once I got used to the way Ms. McCullough wrote and as things began to happen to the Darcy family and Miss Mary Bennet.  Mary is in her late thirties and has done exactly what society has told her to do.  Due to living the strict ways of society; she has become bored.  Mary wants a life filled with purpose & adventures & less on the ways of 19th century society.  I can relate to Mary because I’m in a route that I have become bored or uninspired and can no longer relate to people my own age. This may perhaps have been due to the lack of purpose.   Once Mary found her purpose she like so many women of her time found a way to still live their own lives and live within society’s rules & regulations.  And in the end she finds & defines her own happiness.