The Unexpected Miss. Bennet


TITLE: The Unexpected Miss Bennet

AUTHOR: Patrice Sarath

SUMMARY: After the marriage of Elizabeth and Jane Bennet.  Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are worried about their two daughters left Kitty and Mary.  How are they going to introduce them both to society and has Lydia’s mistake ruined their chances forever finding a perfect mate.

It is up to the older sisters to help them guide them into society in hopes that they will not make the same mistakes as there youngest sister.  Jane decides to take Kitty under her wings while Mary is left home online.  Liz decides to takes matter in her own hands and decides to invite Mary to Pemberley.

Through the marriages of their older sisters both Kitty and Mary have become new young women.  Kitty continues to mop with the separation of Lydia. Mary begins to find courage within side her and discovers she does not need to hide through her sermons.  She discovers she has her own hidden talents.  At the end will Mary find her purpose in life, will she find true love and become a confident women of her own?

Miss. Mary Bennet, Miss. Catherine Bennet, Mr and Mrs. Bennet,  Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy,  Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy, Georgina Darcy (Sister of Mr. Darcy), Mr. Aiken, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Miss Anne de Bourgh, Mr. Mr. Collins, Mrs. Charlotte Collins, Mrs. Lydia Wickham (Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy’s sister), and Mr.George Wickham.

GENRE: Historic Romantic Fiction

SETTING(S) : 21st Century AD, England, Europe

SUBJECT :  History, Romances (Fiction), Scandals & Love
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This was a well written book and a semi page turner.  For those of us who have a challenge or lack of interest in reading, would find this book enjoyable to read.  There were a couple of mist spelled word through out the pages which did not make it a challenge to read.

The book got in the minds of each character and each reader could relate to one of the characters.  This book would be great to read out loud do to its play format.  At the end it was a touching story.  I found that I could relate to parts of the story.  With the story you will find while learning with Mary to be happy with your self and your talents.  At times you have to forgive others as well as your self.  Gain the courage to accomplish the task at hand.