Mr. Darcy’s Secret


There are some books I welcome reading more then once where as there are others that are best to read only once.  Sadly this book is one of those books.  I had read this book sometime late last year.   It was a joy the first time I read it, but this time it ran a little slow.  The book is only has 348 pages to read.  If you are trying to find a book that would be great to read on a long vacation this would probably be a good book to read.

TITLE: Mr. Darcy’s Secret

AUTHOR: Jane Odiwe

SUMMARY: It begins after the unity of Mr.Fitswilliam Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Mr.Charles Bingley and Miss Jane Bennet.  The new Elizabeth Darcy finds out how little she knows her husband and several issues she will have to clean out.  1.) Reuniting the alliance and relations with her husband’s aunt Lady Catherine.  2.) To help her new sister Georgina Darcy be introduced into London society and find true love.  In the mix of it all she find some mysterious letters.  Did her husband get mixed into a love affair during his youth?  Will she be able to help Georgina figure out to married for love vs. family obligations? Will her marriage with Mr.Darcy be able to survive in it’s first year? With the help of her sister Jane Bingley, her close friends Mrs. Butler and Aunt Gardiner they help her get through her trials.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy,  Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy, Georgina Darcy (Sister of Mr. Darcy), Mr. Thomas Butler, Mr. Hugh Calladine, Mr.Charles Bingley, Mrs.Jane Bingley, Miss.Caroline Bingley,Mrs. Lydia Wickham (Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy’s sister), Mr.George Wickham, Miss.Viola Wickham and Mrs.Younge.

GENRE: Historic Romantic Fiction

SETTING(S) : 19th century AD, England

SUBJECT: History, Romances (Fiction), Scandals & Love

– – – – – – – – – – –

MY REVIEW: At times it was a difficult book to read.  Especially for those who have hard time reading and like the words to come off the page.  This book is not one of those.  It was a well written book and I began to not be able to put it down after the first five chapters or mid section of the book.

Plot buster: What is not clear is who had the affair with Miss.Viola Wickham and what was Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy view of  the situation.  After reading that section several times I interpret that Mr.Darcy thought that his father had an affair with Viola which gave birth of George Tissington who was raised by Mrs.Darcy loyal maid. At the end it ends up that Viola was in love with George Wickham her half brother and that is who she had an affair with.  At the end the author leaves us questioning who is George Tissington and who is his biological father?

The author plays with the characters known characteristics of pride and prejudice.  The Darcy’s pride almost caused Georgina to settle on someone who she did not love and her brother prejudice based on someone lack of money instead on someone character.  She also pieces the puzzle with the common practice of gossiping and writing.  Over all I enjoyed reading the book and would give it three starts.