Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister


This book I had read sometime late last year.    It was a joy the first time I read it, but this time it ran a little slow.  The book is over 400 pages to read.  So if you’re looking for a book that will take a little time to read, this is it.

TITLE: Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister

AUTHOR: C. Allyn Pierson

SUMMARY: If this was a second installment of Pride & Prejudice this would be pretty darn close to what Miss Jane Austen would have written.  Georgina Darcy is shy young women who is having difficulties in living the social life she is expected to live. She has had no female guidance to speak of since her mother’s death.  Lucky for her Elizabeth Bennett Darcy enters into her life and helps her through the early stages of womanhood.  Georgina’s first year of the social Season is filled with a dreaded court presentation, balls and dinners.  Will she ever find love within the social London society by her 18th birthday or will she spend the rest of her life as a devoted spinster.

Georgina Darcy (Sister of Mr. Darcy), Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy,  Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy, Colonel Edward Fitzwilliam (Darcy’s Cousin) and Kitty Bennett (Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy’s sister).

GENRE: Historic Romantic Fiction

SETTING(S) : 19th century AD, England

SUBJECT: History, Romances (Fiction), Diaries, Writers & Love

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This is one of a few books I found while searching on  The first time I read it, it took me a very short time and seemed to run smoothly.  The second time around it was very slow moving.  The book has a very enjoyable plot and I think Miss Austen would have approved the ending result.  It uses many of the beloved characters that readers were first introduced in Pride & Prejudice.

I don’t recommend anyone reading it more then one time, but would look forward to a film version of this book.  It is a great ending to the Pride & Prejudice and recommend Jane Austen fans to read it.  I however would not recommend it took folks who have a very difficult time reading books, since the writing was a little bit slow in some part.  Towards the middle and the ending of the book the plot began to thicken.  It had a satisfying ending.