The Dashwood Sisters Tell All

Many of the books I’ve read are historical fiction novels, I don’t read a lot of novels that take place in modern time or in the future.  I generally have a hard time connecting with those type of books.  Maybe I’m an old spirit who generally knows?   This book however takes you into one of Jane Austen’s beloved books but swaps swap it with modern characters and plot.  Instead of 18th century England its 21st century England but walking in the footsteps of Jane.  The modern characters visit actually sites that were important during the life of Jane Austen.

TITLE: The Dashwood Sisters Tell All

AUTHOR: Beth Pattillo

GENRE : Contemporary Romance Fiction

SETTING(S) : 21st Century AD, England, Europe

SUBJECT :  Sisters, Love, Diaries, Literature

MAIN CHARACTERS : Mimi Dodge, Sister (of Ellen), Ellen Dodge, Sister (of Mimi)

BACKGROUND:  Ellen is the oldest sister who ends up having to care for their mother during her last hours.  Mimi is the youngest sister who wishes to own her own business in Georgia.  She hopes with her mother inheritance, she will be able to finally make that a reality.

(John Willoughby) Ethan is an English gentlemen who already has a reputation and becomes interested in Mimi.   (Colonel Christopher Brandon) Tom is retired from the U.S military and is the tour guide of the Jane Austen tour.  He become interested in one of the sister by the end of the tour. (Edward Ferrars) Daniel is a forgotten love of Ellen’s college past, who is invited on the Journey to help protect the sisters and discover the secrets of an old diary that Ellen and Mimi’s have received from their mother.

SUMMARY: Ellen and Mimi are sisters who have just lost their mother to an illness. While their mother was alive neither sisters kept in touch and could not relate to the other sister.  At the end it cause them to be fearful and resent each other.

Their mothers last wish was for them to get along.  She does this by signing them to a journey in order to get their inheritances.  What best journey then traveling to England and walking the steps of Jane Austen.   In the end the sisters learned that they have more in common with each other then differences. With the help of Jane and Cassandra they learn how to become sister and to appreciate their differences. They also learn about Jane’s secrets and what inspired her to write Sense and Sensiblity.  How she developed the characters the Dashwood sisters Elinor and Marianne.

 – – – – – – – – – – –

MY REVIEW:  This story ends up having similar twist and characters as Sense and Sensiblity.  Instead of being a period or historic novel it is placed in the modern days. This may be a to modern for us who love period novels.  In over all it was a well written novel. Began a little slow and later it became a page turner.  It may become a semi challenge for those who have issues or no interests in reading.  But in the ended it was well worth reading.