The Girl in the Gatehouse

the-girl-in-the-gatehouseThis year I will try to read a new book every month.  In the past I’ve read several books in a month, but due to new projects coming up I will try to read when I can.  Last year I was determined to read at least one or two Jane Austen’s books, but unfortunately I was unsuccessful.  I developed a different strategy in achieving this by listening it via book on tape.  During the late part of last year I started reading modern books based on the time and characters of  Jane Austen.

TITLE: The Girl in the Gatehouse

AUTHOR: Julie Klassen

GENRE : Romance Historical Fiction

19th Century AD, England, Europe

SUBJECT : Love, Scandals, History, Romances

Mariah Aubrey, Dixon, Martin, Lizzy, William Harts,  Matthew Bryant and Maggie.

SUMMARY:  Julie Klassen takes use into a world where scandal can impact a women’s world greatly.  Mariah Aubrey was well-loved by her brother and sister.  She also loved novels which were forbidden in her family’s household and some say would lead to her demise in society.  Luckily for Miss Aubrey she had a most forgiving aunt who loans her a small gatehouse where she lives with her faithful companion Miss Dixon.  Mariah’s life is peaceful until her relative leases the property to Matthew Bryant a Captain of the Royal Navy.  Captain Bryant has returned in order to secure a marriage with a social beauty from his past.  He is side tracked and intrigued by Mariah as her past unravels and time seems to go by.  Will Mariah ever secure true happiness and be truly forgiven by her family and the social a lite?

– – – – – – – – – – –

MY REVIEW:  I usually have a hard time finding books that hook you within the first chapter.  This book fortunately hooked me within the first five chapters and extended throughout the book.  I could not put it down.  Luckily I had a slow week starting on Wednesday when I got the book at the local library.  It perhaps has been one of a few books I’ve been able to read in three days.  Unfortunately I had to rethink the characters due to having so many characters that came in and out of Mariah’s life.  Fortunately many of the main characters were not as hard to remember.  Over all the book was well written, the plot extraordinary and loved all the main characters.  It is a book that I’ve recommended my sister to read because she has a very hard time reading.  If you like a story with a little scandal or mystery, love page turners, the Regency era and reading books with a good plot;  I highly recommend it.