Joy and Hope

Joy03I’ve always had an eye for photography and took two years of photography in High School then two semester in college.  Upon graduating from college, I found it difficult finding any inspiration for my photography, drawing, painting and graphics.

So instead of treading the same path, I decided that things needed to change for 2012.  Back in December 2011 I decided to join my local Photography club.  Each month they meet to discuss photography programs and processes.  They also have group field trips and give members opportunity to exhibit their work.

Sure I have a website where people can view my work, but it doesn’t get a whole lot of visitors.  Plus I needed some way to get inspired.  There isn’t a whole lot of inspiration when you have been unemployed for awhile, do the same thing day after day and see the same scenery.  It get a little depressing sometimes.

THE GOAL: photograph something new that goes around the theme that is assigned.  Which means that I will have a total of 12 assignments to do throughout the year and hopefully I get enough stuff that I can become inspired.

THEME: Hope & Joy
I thought the theme was hope because that what I had heard during the December meeting but it ended up being Joy.  Many of my photographs have a hopeful/joyful look but would love to get others input.  I have several other pictures that you are welcome to view => VISIT MY GALLERY!

PS: Also by the way.  Just because I have my photographs placed here does not mean I authorized you to use any photographs or graphics featured on this posting or any pages on this website.  If you would like to use any of my photographs or graphics please give me a buzz and show a little respect to contact me.

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