Hiring A Web Designer


Hiring a web designer or developer can be rewarding and sometimes a bit challenging at times.   So before you start looking for a company or local web designer here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Before hiring anyone first figure out their role(s).

– Are they hired to just set up your website in an easy to use online software that will take an estimate of  10 hours to complete?  This includes finding the right look, setting up a database, email addresses & uploading useful plugins & widgets.  You will fill in all the missing information.

– Are they going to develop your website in its entirety so that all you have to do is maintain the site? This will take much more time & require the person to fill in all pages, set up posts, find the right look, set up database & email address and uploading plugins & widgets and fill out all information to make your site feel and look completed.

– Make it apparent to what role(s) your designer or developer.  Before any work should be done their should be a written contract.  It should state the specifics of the project.

– Layout Sketches are not required but you should discuss with your designer the look you want for your website.  Include other websites as references to a look or color scheme. If you want a website that includes a flash gallery in from it should be mention during your first introduction/meeting of the designer.  This way the designer will design or review professional themes that have that feature.


1. Getting prepared…
A.What is your website about?
B. Who are your viewers?  Who is going be visiting your site?
C. What does your site lookout? * Save other websites as references..
1. Layout or design
2. Color or color scheme
D. What do you want to include on your site?
1. Social Media
2. Social Tools- blogs, forms, chat rooms, etc
3. Calendar
4. Questionaires- forms,polls, quizes, etc
5. Other special tools- donate button, cart, etc.
E. How much money and time are you willing to spend?

2. Finding a company/individual to design your site?
A. Develop contract or outline of project:
1. Summary of project and/or company.
2. What would you like to be achieved and/or the end result.
3. Schedule of the assignment: Begining date to ending date
OR amount of hours to complete the project.
4. How much you are willing to spend.  The total cost after everything is done.
5. Any special request… These include an invoice, sign-in sheet, progress report and etc.

3.  Gathering information for your site, this will be a huge help to your web designer.  Includes all written documents, information, images & photographs you want to appear on your site.

4. Communicating with your web designer.  It may sound simple but if you are unwilling to communicate then how will the person you’ve hired to work for you is able to complete the job you’ve hired them to do.

5. Time, it requires both the client & designer the same amount of dedication to complete a website.  If you don’t have the time to gather information then you’re web designer will have no choice to complete a website with lack of information. The end result will be a website that is written in latin and use of stocked images.


1. Completed Website – you’ll have the satisfaction that your website no only looks completed but it is completed.

2. Working Relationship – if you have a good or even a great working relationship with your designer then they will try all of what they can to make your website unique.


1. Hourly – depending on your designers experience or lack of you maybe paying them $10 or more an hour depending on your location and your designer.

2. Simplicity – a simple website that requires a designer to just develop the look of a website will cost $500 or more. Depending on the designer it could cost you $500 or more per page of site.

3. Database – if you want your website to include a shop, donate button and forms this requires much more time & some coding experience.  This will cost you about $1000 or more depending on how much time your designer will dedicate to this portion of the site.

4. Profession Layouts – if you find a layout that you just love, you will have the ability to buy the theme or template but it will cost you $45 or more.

5. Complete Site – if you looking for someone to do all the above and your sole job will be to maintain the site after it has been completed you are looking to spend $1000 or more.