Blogging – Animal Rescues


If you are a recent graduate I highly recommend volunteering for your local rescue.  They need people doing anything from cat/dog caregiver, office assistant, adoption coordinator, animal socializer and many other jobs in order to function.  Yeah it may be an unpaid position but if you are someone who can not afford a pet right now, it is a great way to get for a few hours.

I’ve been a volunteer for my local rescue group for three and a half years, going into my fourth year this spring.  After graduating from college and trying to find work for three months.  I decided that what I was doing was not going to work but make a more stressful situation a little more… stressful.  So I did a google search of all the local non-profits and choose two I would like to volunteer.  I was hoping to gain more graphic and web design experience.

Unfortunately I was unable to do that with the Rescue group I continue to volunteer for.  At the time they already had a web designer and still have one.  Up until now I had done various odd jobs for the organization from cat caregiver, dog walker, cat socializer, cat & kitten foster, cat rescuer and graphic designer.

This fall I noticed a drop in cat and kitten adoptions so I wrote a project proposal to start a blog for the organization and forward it to the cat manager.  She loved the idea and I began the long process in getting it hooked onto their website.  This week I managed to complete it!   Which to shows you that you need to follow your gut.

CatChatI’ve created blogs for other organizations, which usually takes between 6 months to a year before people begin to follow it.  It also takes that amount of time for the search engines to point it to the same tag lines as the website.


For Animal Rescue groups and non-profits to have a blog their are huge benefits.

1. Free Marketing – having a facebook or website as a way to market your fundraisers or events are fine.  But what do you do with all the free newspaper articles and etc?  Blogs make excellent places to store that stuff.

2. Searchable – will extend your search engine searches.  Because blogs are tag savy, it means that you will become more searchable, as long as your posts are categorized in more then one tag.

3.  Better Connected – facebook will connect you with fans, customers and members but what if someone doesn’t have an account?  That is where the blog comes in.  It connects you to people who don’t have a facebook account who want to stay connected and ask questions about your organization or non-profit.

4. Personal Identity – you can create a blog using software online or upload the software onto your own web server.  Which ever way you decided to create your blog will give you some control to create your own identity.  Not every blog will look 100% identical even if you use the same theme or template.

5. It’s all about the Cause – you can design your blog to promote your area of focus.  For an animal rescue organization its all about the ANIMALS.  That is your focus.  You gain so much freedom because you can add all or not as much as you want.  In a website you are restricted to what you can or can not post.  With a blog “The sky is the limit”.   You have the ability to post as many photos or video as you want.  You can also design it so that you decide what posts or pages your visitors visit.

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