Animal Abandonment

As Americans continue to struggle with their finances; the first thing to give up is not the family car or house but the family pet. You read the stories about the physical acts of animal cruelty but when it comes to animal abandonment most Americans are unaware of the effects.  For the residence of the state of Maryland the battle of the snake-head fish first appeared back in 2004 and continues to cause problems.  What most people are unaware of is that the snake-head fish actually is not a resident of the rivers and ponds of Maryland but an illegal immigrant from Asia.  This is just one example of how one person can effect the entire ecosystem by simply abandoning an animal they no longer want to be responsible for.  Regardless what animal you abandon the effects may not be as critical as the snake-head but they can leave a emotional mark effecting the animal and can be easily be prevented.

Regardless the location you live in we can all help prevent and help stop the abandonment of our pets.  You can end animal abandonment by educating yourself on an animal before the purchase of any exotic or domesticated animals.  You can end animal abandonment by spaying and neutering your cat or dog to help prevent these animals ending up in the streets or dying in shelters.  You can end animal abandonment by volunteering at your local animal shelter if you currently do not have the funding to own your own pet.  You can end animal abandonment by being a responsible pet owner. You can end animal abandonment by taking your pet to the local animal rescue center or group if you find yourself you can no longer keep your pet.  You can end animal abandonment by stopping a family or friend abandoning their beloved pet.  You can end animal abandonment by supporting your local animal shelter.  You can end animal abandonment by ending animal cruelty.

You can end animal abandonment by learning that animal abandonment is a form of animal cruelty.  You wouldn’t leave your son or daughter out in the streets alone why would you do that to your beloved pet?

February: National Prevent A Litter Month | April: Prevent Animal Cruelty Month | May 2 – 8: Be kind to animal week | May 16 – 22: National Dog Bit Prevention Week |  June: Adopt A Shelter Cat Month | August 21: National Homeless Animal Day | October: Adopt A Shelter Dog Month | November: Adopt A Senior Pet Month