New Camera


Took plenty of courses in film photography, which seems to be going extinct now a days.  I also took a course way back in 2002/2003 on digital photography.  So it was time for me to buy a new camera.  I decided on the Canon Rebel XSi due to it being on sale and the capability of being a DSLR.

Buying a camera in 2011 is very different then buying a camera back in 2001.  Many stores do not offer a wide selection and many don’t have the best customer service.  I recently bought a new camera that has been in stock since 2008 but buy then you’re talking about an expensive camera.

So how do you decided whether to go “point and shoot” or DSLR?  Well price is a major factor.  If you are going to spend $300 dollars ideally you should save that money and put it into a really good DSLR camera.  If you want a good “point and shoot” camera ideally you should only have to spend roughly $100 or less.

While researching on a DSLR camera I found the following resources most helpful.

Flickr: not the most traditional place to do research, but how are you going to visually see what kind of images a camera can take.

Canon/Nikon: go to the source.  They will have all the cameras they currently have in stock and most of the time it will give you the camera specs so that you know what you’re paying for.

Customer Reviews: this is by far the best place to learn the pros and cons to the camera that you’re thinking of purchasing.  You can visit sites like amazon and to find out customers likes and dislikes.