Reenactor’s List

If you are not part of the history geek or reenacting community you may not know what is all the buzz is about.  The big buzz is the American Civil War. or the War between the States.  This year marks the 150th Anniversary of some major battles during the War between the States.  Some of the battles that will be celebrating their 150th Anniversary is the Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) and Battle of Wilson’s Creek.

Recently we’ve updated our Reenactors Gazette and created a new site that would focus only on living history events and major historical anniversaries.  Designed this website in hopes that this will make our lives less stressful when it comes to and the hobby.

Reenactors ListReenactor’s List

In designing this site we used WordPress and found a template that would work with the site and not against it.  We feel that it is simplistic and easy to navigate and allows users to navigate from one link to another.