Another Reenacting Website

It has been four years since my sister and I decided to create a reenacting website thus the birth of our reenacting exploration.  A lot has happened since creating the site in a small college classroom.  For one we’ve changed the entire layout at least three times and changed from Myspace to Facebook.  Facebook being the greatest resource we could have used to promote the site.

Last November we signed up for facebook and currently have 3,590 fans and still counting.  It has helped us understand the hobby to its fullest and made us aware of the problems that the hobby faces.  We hope that website continues to grow and bring more people on board so we can help more people.

Our goal is to help as many historical organizations build/plan living history programs so that more children learn to respect our historical past.  It is also a website for individuals like us to learn about the hobby and network with living historians so that we can get out as much from the hobby as we bring into the hobby.

When buiding the website we realized that many of the issues that faced other websites of this kind was navigation.  So we made that a crucial factor when designing the website.  WeReenact is a stress free website where users can find the information they are in need the most.  It list the major pages up front so there is no guess work.