Redefining Pop Culture

The Internet has extended our pop culture in not only being of art, dance, music and film but a collaboration of all four.  This collaboration of cultures allows what the core of our culture has not yet explored.  This has impacted what we hear on television/radio and what we read online and in newspapers.

Our culture has been impacted by one thing only and that is Youtube.  Youtube’s success and continues to be successful due to amateur animators and film produces.  Sure Facebook and Myspace has impacted the way people contact with one another as the Internet and email impacted our lives back in the 2000s.  But fortunately for us most Youtube videos are shared through social networks like Facebook and Myspace and sometimes mentioned on television and print materials.  Youtube has opened doors for people to explore film and creating films in ways that have never been done in the past.

For the past year or so my two favorite YouTube producers have been The Hillywood Show and the Soomo Publishing.  Both discuss different issues but the quality of their five to fifteen minute videos is much different from the stuff you find on t.v.

The Hillywood Show uses current pop culture topics and music to create sketches of their favorite films.  Their most famous parodies have been from the Twilight saga and The Dark Night.  Currently they are in production of their Eclipse parody which should be completed sometime in November.

Most recently I found Soomo Publishings that produce educational short films that discusses issues from the past and present and collaborate it with current known songs.  One that has been circulating all over the web was their intake on OneRepublic‘s “Apologize” where they change the lyrics to teach high school students about the Declaration of Independence.

If you like the Hillywood Show another improv trio or group you maybe interested in following is Improv Everywhere.  They do sketches of some of their favorite films but also bring their views into participating in some of their video filming projects.

If you follow anyone else in Youtube that you think impacts our pop culture I would like to know.