Current Projects

Time really heals all wounds.  Both Jenn and I have been working on everything and anything from wedding albums to commissioner candidate website.  We also are included in the planning and production of a World War Two event being held in our area.  That is a whole new role and responsibility in it’s self which will be discussed within a later entry.

Many of our hobbies and other projects that aren’t associated with the projects we are doing for clients have been put on hold.  With one project always ending and another beginning we sometimes do not have a whole lot of time sewing new garments, updating, traveling to historic locations and going to events.  These have been placed on hold since they do take a lot of time and most of our summer has been spent doing projects for our clients and not a whole lot of personal projects.

Outline of Projects:

Wedding Album: back in June we were invited to attend a friend’s wedding to not only support the bride and her family but also take photographs and create a wedding album.  We’ve taken photographs of events but never really for someone else.  This produced a lot of pressure which was good for us to experience.  By the time the album was completed we realized  that becoming a wedding photographer is definitely one profession we can mark off the list.  We have much greater respect for that job then we’ve had in the past.

Commissioner Candidate Website: this is a new website that is current in the works that Jennifer is currently working on.  My main job in this was actually doing the technical side of the project.  This consisted in creating a new domain name and loading WordPress into a new database.  The job should be completed pretty soon.

Cover for booklet: I was assigned this way back in early July and just received the images in which I was to design the cover just last week.  The cover should be done no later then the end of this month.  That only gives me two and half weeks to look over all the photographs and create a brilliant cover.

WWII Event Coordinator: my experience in the reenacting world has been very limited to being a spectator and researcher. With that said I know what it takes to get the correct clothing and gear to adequately portray the period. I may or may not know as much as those who’ve been in the hobby for more than 10 years but taking part in living history and reenacting forms have prepared me for a simple statement.  “Living Historians will know if an event has been truly thought out or just planned in a month in advance”.  No pressure there…

The director of Circle of Angels has an interest in history but she also is focusing on the benefits that reenacting produces for young adults, which is mentoring.  She hopes bringing an event like this to our community will  not bring our community together but join communities.  There is not a whole lot of living history happening because so many of the organizations like JefPat, and the Historical Society do not have the funding to organize an event.  Our hopes are that we can unite them with the living history community to bring in more history and community events in our area.  The biggest events that currently happen are concerts, Celtic Festival and the County fair.  The Celtic Festival being one of the more successful event.

Hunter’s Hope: this is probably one of the most inspirational projects we are taking part.  Currently a six year old is battling cancer within our church community.  His family is financially not doing so well so our community is helping his family by planning a dinner in hopes to gain some money to help with the expenses the family currently faces.  We currently are designing the tickets and since we had very limited time this week to do a flyer for the event it was given to someone else to create.

Silent Auction: we did this way back in October but since the event has not actually taken place the committee down at CAWL still needs to decide which of our four designs they would like to use.  After they decide which poster to use and we edit the corrects they want done, this project has not officially been completed.