The Experiment

I’ve been blogging for about two years and been learning about the different techniques bloggers use to gain readers.  I’ve never really tested these techniques to really decide if these techniques actually work.  I know a few blogs who have a readership of 1,000 readers a day and often wondered “how can anyone gain 1,000 readers a day”?

My Theory: it is largely dependent on the material you post and if there is a large percentage of people googling or searching for the material.  Good example is that there are about 100 people a day googling BBC’s Robin Hood.  How do I know this? I posted just an image of the show and gained roughly 100 readers a day reading my reenacting blog.

Objective: to gain at least one hundred viewers in two weeks.
Hypothesis: I will gain roughly 100 new readers simply by posting images of people, things, places, interests, activities and art.
If successful: I will use the techniques I learned to improve the other four blogs I maintain and teach other organization I volunteer some of what I’ve learn.