Finding Inspiration

breakdawnUpon graduating I had the chance to do a book cover illustration for a company in my area.  I worked for them for a relatively short time, but it got me inspired to continue doing graphic illustrations for other organizations.

It has been relatively difficult to gain and find work in the field of graphic and web design.  In order to continue the skills I gained in college  I try to do some sort of graphic, web or photography assignment each month to improve my abilities as a graphic and web designer.  Below are just a few films/books that inspire me to do what I do.  I hope to create some sort of illustration(s) inspired by one of the following.

Twilight Saga: last summer I read all four books and have seen the two that were produced into films.  I have not seen any of the films in a theater atmosphere because I don’t want to spend two hours watching a film and having to deal with the screaming fans in the background. Therefore I rather rent it from the library and watch it as many time as I want. Once as a critic of the film and another time to view the film visually (effects, acting and story line).

I have to say I got more inspiration from the books then from any of the films.  I am not a big fan of the movies , but will watch then to view another person’s perspective on the books.  The positive part of the films are the visual effects and scenic locations.

The Lord of the Rings Saga: I will always be a fan of the books and films of LOTR.  Because of the films I started reading the books and by the time the second or third film came out in theaters I had completed reading the whole series which included the Hobbit.

Out of all the books I’ve read “The Hobbit” at least two times but possible more and have rented “The Hobbit” recorded book version at least twice.  I hope to do some sort of project “painting, illustration or clothing design inspired by this trilogy.

Pirates of the Caribbean: before this movie ever came out back in 2003 I was already a big fan of all things 18th or 17th Century.   That included the clothing, music and history of that period.  By this time I had read and seen my fair share of pirate related books and films.  I’ve done a few portraits of the characters in this film back in 2007 and probably won’t be doing anything relating to the film, but that could change upon the arrival of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

I’ve seen countless version of “Robin Hood” from the animated Disney version to the version done way back in 1938.  So I know the legend like the back of my hand.

I’ve even tried archery a few times, but still need a little practice in aiming the arrow on the bow.  I can pretty much use the bow but my aiming is a little off.  In regards to artwork I may do a few sketches and illustrations inspired by the legend and films.

I may also do a few illustrations inspired by the Legends of King Arthur and other culture around the world.  This may lead to a bit more research.

Last summer I read Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre” this spring I read Emily Bronte’s  “Weathering Heights“.  I would have to say I enjoyed Jane Eyre much more than Weathering Heights.

Before reading the books I’ve seen a few film versions of the books.  Upon reading the books I made sure I had a quiet place to read and wiped any memory I had from the films so that I could read both books with a clear head.  Therefore this summer I hope to do some sort of illustration or painting inspired by Weathering Heights or Jane Eyre.  Have not quit figure out which one to do.

I’ve tried and seem to always fail when trying to read any one of Miss Jane Austen’s books.  I’ve tried and tried and just can’t seem to go around the way Miss Austen writes. Anything I’ve created or will create will be inspired from the films rather the books.

I hope to create some sort of illustration or photographic image based on the films this summer, but we will see how much I can get done away from the number of volunteered and hopefully paid positions I gain this summer.  Some of these projects may have to wait considering all volunteer or paid projects are more important then any artwork done during my free time.