Reenacting Newrecruits


I often do not write about new website I build, but this site is one that I am really proud of since it is one I build without any fancy background or coding  techniques.  Until very recently I  felt the more cool effects and coding you used in building a website meant a website was more attractive to a user.  Well this proves a very different point.  This website is as affective with the simple layout and text as if I had built it using some sort of template and high tech coding.  So simplicity is sometimes better.

Another key point in designing any website is know your audience.  Upon finding Reenactors Newrecruits most people by this time may feel a little overwhelmed and frustrated.  I know I was when trying to find reenacting group to join.  This website takes them to the websites they can find information on finding a group or event without all the advertising and confusing text of other websites.  It takes you to the step by step process of finding an organization within the reenacting community.   Further more it also takes you to a community of experts whom you could contact for further information on the hobby and answers your most frequent asked questions.  I hope this website is helpful to a lot of people who are interested in pursuing the hobby in the future.