Smithsonian Castle


While trying to find a parking space in Washington D.C or any other city in the world you can sometime spot a photographic opportunity.  Sometime you will get the gumption to stop and take the shot and sometime you won’t.  I did not have that much gumption that day since what was holding me back was the crowds and I had to just face the reality that I would have to have some luck to find the spot again.  Luckily I was able to find one of the few photographic spots I spotted while finding a parking spot during one of the craziest times to visit Washington D.C.

It was during the Cherry Blossom festival and it did not help that it was Easter weekend and everyone and his mother were taking off to enjoy the blossoms.  It was at this very well known landmark that I had spotted a wide arrangement of color and textures.  So I made it one of my missions that day to walk to that location.  I had also spotted a tulip garden but could not find the location since it was one that I never had spotted in the past.  Who knew Washington D.C had a tulip garden.  The following images were taken around the Smithsonian Castle.


Close up of corner garden.


Tulips & Cherry Blossoms


Tulip’s view of the castle.