Cherry Blossoms


It was Easter weekend of the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington D.C and it was pact. Weather wise was warm at the high of 75 – 78 degrees.   Everyone appeared to be out and enjoying the sights and museums.  You could not have asked for a more perfect Thursday.   With children off from school and a few college students off on spring break people were out enjoying the blossoms.

It took an hour to find parking but it was worth the journey because the blossoms were at their full peak.    The journey started at the Jefferson Memorial then the mini group I was in made our way to the Smithsonian Castle where we spend several minutes resting our toes.

Journeying back to the car was fun since the traffic and the amount of people did not change and appeared to be increasing as the day wore on.  As we were walking by the Washington Monument and bagpiper was serenading a young girl at a traffic stop.  We enjoyed his music at a distance and when the music war off we walked our way past the Jefferson Monument back to our car.  The day could not have ended in such a perfect way.  As we left Washington D.C people were still making their way to Washington D.C to see the blossoms.


Blossom uprooting themselves


Blossoms by a window


Blossoms close and personal.

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