Signs of Spring

PICT0025-e1269721949117 After 20 – 30 feet of snow during the course of the winter season; any sights or sounds of Spring would be appreciated.  Last weekend Spring decided to show up with 60 – 70 degree weather that was spent outside when ever I found it possible.  Unfortunately due to other commitments I found myself confounded indoors for several hours but spent all of my lunch time outside enjoying all the sunlight I could.

Last weekend there were a few early flowers blossoming but not half as many as there are this week due to the light rain storms of mid week.  Unfortunately for this weekend old man winter isn’t giving up the fight and shows up with 30 degree weather, but hopefully towards the end or middle of April the nice warm weather will be here to stay.  Luckily no snow storms are in the future for Atlantic region states and staying more Northern and Western.   Mean while I have seeds to plant (inside) and sewing projects to do.  As the season progresses I hope to achieve more in my art, graphics, sewing and photography.  I will post most of my artwork within my portfolio but will post a few things here.


Forwarding to April 8th, 2010

Washington D.C and Maryland had record high temperatures all week from upper 70s all the way up to the low 90s.  It was great weather to walk around and take photographs of the flowers that decided to pop up from the rain storms of late March.


Lucky Tulips – whom have not been eaten by the mice & moles.


Image taken on April 8th


Flower from a Dogwood tree


Surviving Red-bud tree


One of many purple flowers


Another purple flower


White little flowers