A New Journey

 I’ve been talking about joining a reenacting group and learning about the hobby for a long time.  I’ve been traveling to reenactments with friends and family since 2006.  Last September I finally decided to do begin the journey rather than waiting for things to happen like finding a full time job.  So I took the first step in contacting a bunch of groups and deciding which group I was more likely to join and meet them at an event.  After meeting the group I decided to become a member in October.  

 Since then I’ve been researching nonstop, sewing my garments and creating the character I would like to portray during the course of a year.  Not realizing that I had no idea where I was going to be going and if I was going to participate in living history events or battle reenactments.  This makes a difference because you have to figure out if the character you’re going to portray would be at that type of setting or not.  And it plays a great deal of what you’re going to wear.  Luckily this does not affect your under garments as it affects your outer garments.  Both women from the upper and lower class had very similar under garments but when it came to outer garments that is when the differences of the classes appeared.   

So today was the day of the annual meeting which is only held once every year.  I was able to learn and hear more about the events the group was going to participate in and about how the group functions.  Upon learning more about the events that we were more likely to participate in, I’ve come to the conclusion that my current clothing I am sewing will not be appropriate with the types of events I hope to participate this year.  Which means back to the drawing board in regards to my outer clothing.  Which is a big positive since the clothing I’ve sewn thus far has not been properly tailored yet.  So I can start a new project and hope that it does not cause me more stress then the clothing I’ve already sewn.

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