I have many interests and many of my interests have impacted many of my choices when choosing a career path and hobby.  Some hobbies I’ve been doing all my life and some I just recently started the journey.  One of my long term hobbies I been doing most of my life has been gardening.  The first memory I ever have of my dad is him spending large portions of his time out in his garden. In fact my sister and I used to spend lots of time making mud pies and playing in the dirt as he was preparing his garden.  He is also not the only one in my family who has a green thumb.  My grandmother on my mother’s side spends most of her days inside her garden as well.  So I have it on both sides.  So I guess you could say, gardening is in my blood.

Last year I bought some zinnia seeds and they began to sprout and so I planted them into some of the pots and gardens.  Once they flowered it took my  mom back in time.  It reminded her of a time when I bought a book at my elementary book fair about gardening.  Upon coming how I showed my mom the book and the seeds that came with it.  I could not wait to plant the seeds and watch them grow.  From that day on my mom remembers and calls the Zinnia flower Elisa’s flower.

Photography has been an important portion of my life since I was born.  It started as being the subject of a photograph and then turned to the one who was taking photographs.  My first photography class I ever took was in 10th grade and I took two more classes while attending college.  I’ve used manual and automatic cameras.  I’ve spent large portions of my college career in a photographic lab and editing photographs using Adobe Photoshop.  Currently I am using an automatic camera but hope to buy a really nice manual/automatic camera in the future.  I really love black and white photography but it is so expensive to get the film developed.  So for my current situation digital photography will have to due for the moment.

I learned how to knit back in 2006 and have made a few scarfs, one blanket and currently working on a shawl.  I have not yet learned how to make hats, gloves or socks but it has been a very slow process.  I do enjoy knitting stuff especially while watching t.v, but find it is very hard on my hands.  Currently I find myself sewing more than knitting.  I had a grandmother on my father’s side who knitted all the time and have very fond memories of her knitting hats and scarfs for the poor and homeless.

Reenacting is one of the newest hobbies I’ve decided to explore.  When you think of reenacting the first images you think of are men in grey and navy blue uniforms firing at each other?  Well that is the typical scene if you’re reenacting the American Civil War, but the type of reenacting I do is portraying the life of women during the American Revolution.  It is not as active as portraying the Civil War but it has its  great moments.  Currently I am in the early stages of the hobby and do not know the goings of an event but as I explore the hobby for myself I hope to write more about it.

I hope you have learned a little bit more about my interests and what you will expect to read from this blog.  I hope to post more information in regards to my more interesting hobbies (photography and reenacting) on this blog.