Being of the technology generation I was introduced early on  by a group of friends and fellow students to online chatrooms, myspace and facebook.  All very useful when trying to keep in touch with family and friends.  I was first introduced to blogs when I got a  myspace account for an organization I was forming  back in 2006.  Myspace and facebook have a section for users to write about their thoughts and daily activities that is in a form of a blog.  This is very useful when you have more than 20 words to describe something.

What is a blog? describes it as ” to write entries in, add material to, or maintain a weblog”.  These “web blogs” or “web journals” are great places for people to write about daily activities, hobbies, travels and artists to write about their work and exhibits.  If you’re interested more on what is blogging, the history of blogs and other interesting facts about blogs visit

How to create a blog? Creating a blog is easy and there are several online software companies that allows you to create and post a blog totally  “free”.  All you need is a good idea and inspiration.  Some of the noted and most used companies that offer blog software include LiveJournal, WordPress and  Blogger.  Anyone of those companies are good, but if you wish to use a blog more like a website the best one out of the three is WordPress.

How often to write?  There are blogs that are updated everyday but I try to write at least once a week.  If you find a subject that needs to be updated or write about everyday than it will take that amount of time.  If you don’t want to write as often choose a subject that does not have to be updated all the time.  Most artists blogs aren’t updated everyday especially fine arts but if you are someone who is into graphics, web, photography and new media you might update it more often.  Choose a subject that you’re most passionate about and it will be noticed by your visitors.  

How long have you been blogging? I started blogging using LiveJournal and than decided to switched to WordPress.  I’ve been with wordpress since September 2008.   My focus is in reenacting and have two blogs that focus in promoting and informing people about the hobby.  I blog because it is a great way to draw more people in who are not part of an online community like facebook and myspace.  It is also a great way to post items and articles that weren’t featured on the website.  

My Blogs: Like I said I have two.  Reenactors Gazette is the informative blog where I post additional information on the items that were featured on  It is a place where I post announcements, updated information and further information on any of the topics discussed.   I also have Reenactors Journal that is more personal than it is informative.  It brings both the blog and website together and brings the hobby to life.  Currently it is leaning to the more informative side since I recently joined a reenacting group so there isn’t a whole lot of information in regards to personal adventures.  In the future I hope my journal is a place where I post information in regards to  gathering the equipment, loading the equipment into car, what it takes to go to events and planning events and than of course the fun sides of the hobby.  This subject matter is bigger than most people think and recently I’ve listed several blogs in which historical interpreters, historians and archaeologists maintain.

I hope I’ve inspired someone to start their own blog and hope you enjoy reading all that is written here.