Photoshop Lady

 Being a graphic designer you don’t learn to use Photoshop in an artistic form, but more as a tool in creating unique website templates.  Fortunately for me I took a digital Photography class before pursuing a graphic design degree.

If you’re someone like me who would like to work on Photoshop more, learn new techniques or would like to view what others have created;  Photoshop Lady is a blog that will help you learn new techniques and more.

Taking a deeper look at Photoshop.  Photoshop isn’t just a software to tweak your photographs but a place to create unique works of art.  Once you’ve learn the basics of Photoshop and used it for most of your projects you’ll be able to appreciate the software for many of it’s uses.  If you would like to learn more about the software; using Photoshop Lady will help you learn to use some features, techniques and short cuts you were never taught when taking a class.

Tutorials you’ll find when exploring Photoshop lady.

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