Freelancing Work

Last summer we had the opportunity to do a few book cover illustrations for children’s books.  A recorded book company in our area was creating books for children to listen to.   Since then we’ve been using our skills in creating new book covers we would like to do; so that we can continue to learn and use Adobe Illustrator.  It  is a skill that we need to keep up to date as graphic designers.  We have not had many opportunities to do any freelance work recently, but have been doing a lot of volunteer work for non-profit organizations in our area.   To view some of our graphic and web work please click here.

The Forbidden School House: The first project Jennifer redesigned the Forbidden Schoolhouse by Suzanne Jurmain.  A book that told a story of the schoolhouse that was opened  during the American Civil War.  At that time there weren’t many schools for women and especially for free African Americans.  This so happens to be the case when Crandall decided to open a school for African-American women and girls.  The school was located in a Northern state, but it still managed to face many obstacles.  

This book is for grades 7th to 9th where they will read the story of the students, the woman who decided to open the school and about the challenges they faced to keep it opened.  This was a sound recording of the book, the original written book cover version is very different.

Imagine A Dragon:  This is Elisa’s first book cover she designed for the company and it was on one of her favorite subjects.  Imagine a Dragon explores the world and folklore of ancient societies.  It takes young readers to distant lands and time where dragons roamed the earth.  In reading this book they will learn and explore the different traits and history of Eastern and Western dragons.

This book is for children in grades 1st to 4th grade, especially those who are interested in reptiles.

My Freedom Trip:   This is Jennifer’s second book cover she designed and it was a book about the Korean War.  My Freedom Trip is written in first person and talks about the journey of a little girl named Soo trying to reunite with her father during the Korean War. 

This book is for children in grades 2nd to 5th.  While reading the book they will learn and discover what life was like during the Korean War.