Finally the sun has decided to warm us with it’s presents.  The morning being very busy and grey one.  Since the new year this month has gone by really fast considering life is not very busy for us right now.  We have a part time job that keeps us busy 1-3 times a week.  We also volunteer at the local animal rescue once every week and at the Historical Society at least twice every month.

During the rest of the week we try to stay busy.  How do we stay busy? We have about three projects running right now and the one that keeps us focus in our goal is our website.  It is a website that always needs updating whether it be posting new events, organizations or keeping in touch with those who are in the hobby through Facebook.   Without this project we would have nothing to inspire us to continue learning about web design.

The big spring projects will be  gardening and going to reenacting events.  This past October we took the “great leap” to start the hobby of reenacting.  From November to now we’ve been researching and gathering up our gear so that we are ready by the beginning of March. This will be our first year in the hobby as reenactors and not as spectators.  In past years we’ve had a goal to go to at least five events this year it will be five events with our group plus events we would like to go to as spectators.  Until then we can only look forward to what is to come.